The TSP CrosserTM is an integrative solution for reproducible and controllable transseptal puncture, all in one system.

The growth of left-side transcatheter procedures holds great promise but is hindered by the need for advanced operator skills in transseptal puncture. Transseptal Solutions’ technology reduces dependence on trained operators with dedicated technologies that benefit procedural efficiency and may prevent complications.

By addressing significant but unmet market needs, Transseptal Solutions improves left atrial access procedures with an innovative approach that will enable expanding indications of left-side heart treatment.

The TSP CrosserTM, CE marked & FDA approved, is an integrated transseptal system that includes an innovative method to engage the fossa ovalis precisely and efficiently. The TSP CrosserTM uses an extendable radiopaque loop wire and a steerable sheath to precisely navigate a flexible needle for an accurate transseptal puncture. After the puncture, the steerable sheath serves as a guiding catheter for optimal left atrial access for various left-side procedures:
– Transcatheter mitral repair/replacement
– Mitral paravalvular leaks
– AF & VT ablation
– LAA occlusion
– Inter-atrial shunts

TSP Crosser Benefits

Fossa boundaries are visible, allowing better targeting

Enhanced steerability +/- 180° system for superior navigation

Precise “Pre-puncture steering” allowing accurate positioning

Short learning curve

Stabilizing loop offers enhance puncture dynamics

Saving time using reproducible, All in one system